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About 25 years ago - 1992 to be exact, a prophetic word was spoken over my life and my family through

Prophet Howard Richardson at the Gates of Glory Church in Dallas, Texas.

The Word was that "I would go to another country and walk in another man's soil and not America. For the Day of The Lord was upon a people in that land, and that I would go in and out and draw them." 

I received that Word and moved forward in my faith to press into God through Prayer and Fasting, not knowing how in the world this Word was going to come to pass!

Then came the year 2006, when God empowered my faith journey to begin and off to the island I went -

believing and trusting God every step of the way.

From St. Thomas, into Tortola British Virgin Island, then onto Antigua, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Jamaica,

Bahamas and Hawaii. The journey has been ongoing from faith to faith glory to glory. God has been ordering

my steps and connecting the dots while enlarging my territory, bringing His prophetic Word into


I met and joined with many wonderful souls. Bridget Huggins was the link that would connect me into

Antigua to meet Pastor Clement, who allowed me to use his tent and to bring prophet Howard Richardson

along with other voices to declare the Word of the Lord in Dickerson Bay.

God then led Let's Go Higher Ministries to assist in building a sanctuary so that Pastor Clement and his congregation would no longer be exposed to weather-related elements. Many miracles were taking place

under the tent while in a two-week revival. One that stood out was the connecting of my precious

son-in-law to-be (Phillip Vidal). Phillip faithfully supported the revival nightly, not knowing that he would

soon meet my daughter (Tenisha), and that they would be joined in holy matrimony, and would soon make

me "darling"! to two beautiful grand-babies (Liddie and Phillip). All this started with that one Word, GO!  





Another connection was with one of the worlds greatest musicians who has the most humble spirit - brother Clarence Glasgow - what a divine connection! He served with a genuine love for God throughout my faith journey in the Caribbean and has become my personal musician both nationally and internationally.

God began to create opportunities for some of the wonderful people to follow me back to America, just as the Prophet spoke "an open door to come in and out and draw them out".

Many opportunities have opened up throughout my travel to the islands. A mission of Helps, which enables

me to collect and send barrels of goods to the people of the  islands. For when we give to the poor, we loan

to the Lord. 


We're very active in what God has placed in our hands to do, along with bringing up God's powerful people to become a voice of change. At the Let's Go Higher Ministries in Houston, Texas, we collect dry and canned

goods, as well as clothing items to send regularly. During hurricane season in 2017, the ministry sent close to 30 barrels with various items to the Caribbean islands to assist those who had been affected by the storms.

You can follow our progress and watch us grow by clicking on the "International Ministries" Tab.

First photo is with my daughter Tenisha and her husband, Philip, 2nd photo is of my two 'darlings' Liddie and Philip, then 3rd photo is of  Philip, Tenisha and some members of our new extended family in Dominica.

First photo is of Clarence Glasgow - the musician who God divinely connected with me. The video in the middle is of Pastor Clement, expressing his gratitude after receiving the barrels from Lets Go Higher Ministries.  The 3rd photo is with my daughter Tenisha at the home-going service of Phillip's mother (Gloria Vidal) - precious mother and friend.


Bridget Huggins from the island of Antigua, after receiving the barrels from Let's Go Higher Ministries. 

Glory to God for enabling lives to be touched!

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