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A recent prophecy by Rev. Howard Richardson is already in action as was recently experienced by the people in Houston, Texas. The word of the Lord to the people was that God will cause a oneness of relationship to be born; Greater unities in the houses of His anointing and amongst His people in the church-houses than it has ever been. Ministries and anointed people in my church-houses will come back together, and you shall behold the miracles and shall know that He is God!

Prophet Howard Richardson had a powerful 6-day revival with the Let’s Go Higher Ministries led by Pastor Liddie Owens, who came up under Rev. Richardson’s ministry in Dallas, Texas – The Gates of Glory Church. Here are some of the testimonies from the people that attended this revival:

1) Having the opportunity to witness and encounter the mighty anointing of God has been life changing. Not just being consumed with his presence, but experiencing new life and gaining a new level of understanding on what He has planned for my life through the anointed word of God.

After constant prayer before the Lord concerning matters of my life, Prophet Richardson's strong prophetic ministry revealed and gave insight on the very thing I sought the Lord about and "MY OH MY" did my heart rejoice! Because I saw once again the faithfulness and love God has towards his children.

Being a part of the revival has awakened my spirit man, caused it to come alive again and encouraged me to STRIVE for more and Never give up on the process and plan of God.

- A Testimony by Tosha Owens

2) Hello Pastor Liddie! I was so blessed by the revival. I can hardly verbalize it. It's as if a match was struck against a rock and the fire has reignited in me. My focus has been redirected. I'm in pursuit and preparation. The words Prophet Richardson spoke were spot on. My hope and trust in God has increased to another level.

- A Testimony by Maria Williamson

3) The revival was an encouraging time in The Lord! Reverencing Him and getting out of my usual routine allowed me to experience The Lord in new ways. I left with a greater understanding and a deeper commitment to my relationship with Him.

- A Testimony by Eboni Owens

4) Through this revival God has given me a new conviction to obedience in the call God has given unto me.

- A Testimony by Evangelist Diann Gardoni

5) I have never really gone to a Revival that so motivated me to attend continuously to that degree. I feel that my mindset has changed and I am so encouraged. Toward the end of the Revival, I heard the word ‘Overhaul’. I feel like I got a spiritual overhaul to some degree, where I was moved to take a look at, or rather reexamine myself. I have come to look at how important obedience really is as it relates to the things of God. I was able to share with someone over the course of the Revival that was believing God for something that even when we get a prophetic word about our lives, there is still a part for us to play as the Breakthrough gets processed out.

When I first learned the proper way to tithe and I heard that the windows of heaven were going to be open and my blessings would be poured out, I expected an immediate response not knowing that breakthroughs are not always going to be received overnight...

I invited some people and was so happy to see them come and just see how they were blessed from the ministry as I was.

I don't know if I can quite put into words what the Revival did but I can say that I was impacted, and I can honestly say that I really feel that my life has changed and that this revival was God-ordained. I am looking forward to Prophet Howard’s returning. I have shared it with many in hopes to bring them to the next Revival.

- A Testimony by Shuronda Rasmus

6) I thank God for the revival and how He is continually restoring us. I saw a cloud of God’s Glory every night! The Holy Spirit moved powerfully through Pastor Howard!

God established who I was. He redirected my mind, my heart, and gave me greater dedication because the Holy Spirit brought me back into fasting and seeking God! I can't even begin to express all that God did but I know He broke some yolks, restored some things, and brought me back to serving Him in a greater way. It is about Christ. Praise God!!! - A Testimony by Evangelist Tihiti Johnson

7) Walking with God and being under true ministry for over 18 years, I really needed a sense of a new clarity, focus, and discipline. I was desperately seeking God for a new commitment and ability to offer him new sacrifices of fasting and prayer. Through being in the Revival every single night God gave me strength through Prophet Howard Richardson to give the Lord a new dedication. I received several personal words from the Prophet that addressed exactly where I was and needed from God. I am eternally grateful to Pastor Howard Richardson and Pastor Liddie Owens overseer of Let’s Go Higher Ministries for allowing revival to go forth. I know that in my new obedience to God that the Lord will begin to open many doors of purpose in my life.

- Evangelist Tony Johnson

8) I’m already seeing a manifestation of what was spoken at the revival. God is moving!

- A Testimony by Maria Williamson

Watch this space as we get ready for another powerful time in the Holy Ghost with Rev. Howard Richardson right here in Houston, TX, with Let’s Go Higher Ministries. We can't wait for more lives to be touched by the anointing of these two special ministries! The word of the Lord is sure and is now being fulfilled. Glory to God!

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